Find Therapies Targeted to Your Patients' Molecular Profiles

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Each tumor is genetically and molecularly unique

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Understanding the unique molecular characteristics of a patient’s tumor can help identify therapies that are most likely to be effective.

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Identify therapies that may be relevant for your patient

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Potentially relevant therapies may target the unique molecular drivers of each tumor, including ones that act on cellular systems that are perturbed by mutations.

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Describe the patient's tumor

Therapy Finder Tool

The Therapy Finder uses the molecular characteristics, stage, and histopathological information of the tumor to match it to a subtype defined by cancer experts.

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Learn about potentially relevant therapies

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Each subtype is linked to targeted therapies and trials that may be effective for that subtype. This information could help you develop a targeted treatment plan for your patient.

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The Therapy Finder does not provide medical advice. It is intended only as a resource to make you aware of potentially useful therapies and trials.



Dear Therapy Finder® User:

During the past two years we have witnessed an unprecedented upswing in research activity leading to the identification of increasing numbers of actionable biomarkers and several effective targeted treatments. To accommodate this dramatic increase in the number of relevant biomarkers, their interactions, and other patient attributes, we are developing a new application design, one that will be both easier to use and more relevant to practicing physicians and patients. This new system will unify many of the best features and key learnings from the Therapy Finders with those from our Genomic Variant Annotation™ (GVA) reporting system.

Until we complete the redesign of our Therapy Finders or offer substitute decision-support products, we are suspending the updating of the Therapy Finders appearing on the CollabRx website and other sites.

If you click through and decide to use the Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer, Melanoma or Metastatic Breast Cancer Therapy Finders, please do so with caution, as some of the data have not been updated since October 15, 2014.

CollabRx, Inc.
July 6, 2015